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Thighpaulsandra - Chamber Music


Chamber Music

Release Date: November 2005

Format: CD / LP SOLD OUT

Catalogue Number: LUMB002

Price: CD £9 / LP SOLD OUT

track list

Cast in Dead Homes

A Blizzard of Altars

Bleeding Text for the Cripplethrush

The Unwilling Wardens of Ice

When asked to describe Thighpaulsandra's work to somebody once, it was difficult to find the right words to serve any justice. Perhaps the best thing to therefore do is simply respond by illustrating this highly accomplished and visionary musician has been known for his assistance with groups and artists as diverse as Coil, Spiritualized and Julian Cope as much as his own albums during recent enough memory. The album he has recorded for LTCo, 'Chamber Music', certainly compounds matters, too. Combining musique concrete, quasi-dimensional electronics, ravaged hums, atmospheric tones and all manner of different instruments nodding into focus, it represents some of his most cohesive work. To simply declare it the result of an active imagination would still fall far short of giving it enough credit. Active imaginations have, after all, been known to deliver much less than a solitary Thighpaulsandra track. Although the CD version of this release has been available since November 2005, the LP followed at the beginning of January 2006. As with the now sold out EAR picture disc, it is once again limited to a hand-numbered edition of 525.