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Steven Severin
Hannis Brown
Glass Out
6 Mini LPs


Due to circumstances outside our control, the label has operated somewhat haphazardly during the past eighteen months but, slowly, things seem to be finally falling into place and look set to witness some improvements as the year draws to its close.

Firstly, the Steven Severin ‘SleeperCell’ CDEP, following several setbacks, is now available. As noted elsewhere, this appears in two editions, both in a recycled card sleeve. The standard edition is limited to 400 and arrives in a single jacket with a die-cut window, while the other version is limited to 100 in a stickered gatefold sleeve and arrives complete with a signed and numbered insert. Copies of the latter are going fast. Following this, the release schedule looks set as follows:

LUMB014 FAUST ‘Od Serca Do Duszy’ 2LP.
Deluxe edition vinyl reissue of the 2CD that appeared in 2007. 1000 only. Co-released by Dirter and AudioTong and scheduled for November 2010. Pre-order now for £20.00 plus postage.

LUMBCD015 HANNIS BROWN ‘Severe Insomnia’ CD.
The second album by this very forward-thinking new NYC-based composer / songwriter / improviser / electro-acoustic artist, whose eleven pieces here not only absorb the free jazz of his beloved Charles Mingus but also the micro-tonal orchestral work of Ligeti and Penderecki as well as Edgar Varese's forays into spatial electro-acoustic soundworlds. As with the acclaimed self-released debut, ‘Oh Ah Ee’, Hannis Brown's music winds itself around those contours impossible to pin down to any one thing beyond those lines between pure, unadulterated insanity and, well, quite possibly, genius. ‘Severe Insomnia’, very much inspired by the very condition that the title itself draws from, is a great entry in the canon of contemporary music that simultaneously traverses those plains often considered ‘serious’, ‘difficult’ or ‘new’ whilst retaining an approachable sensibility firmly capabable of defying such limitations. Limited to 500, with the first 25 as a special, hand-painted glass-panelled edition. Scheduled for November 2010 and available to pre-order now.

LUMB016 GLASS OUT ‘Never Force A Left Handed Child To Use Their Right Hand’ 12”.
Debut release by Andrew Dewar Ainslie’s platform for molten soundbeds of penumbric shimmer and here featuring the late Jhonn Balance on the title track (doing an exclusive reading of the Coil manifesto). Comprising three pieces adding up to around 28 mins in total (the other tracks being ‘Wild Strawberries’ and ‘Manifesto’), this represents the first in a series of six releases which can be subscribled to (please see full details below), The others in the series should include Cindytalk with Phiip Petit, Brian Conniffe, Human Greed, Robert Hampson and either Andrew Liles or Faust (tbc). ‘Manifesto’ will be limited to 600 and is a must-have for Coil fans and those with an interest in those areas of music often already found on LTCo. Please see the details below concerning either pre-ordering this or subscribing to the entire series.

Other releases planned include an album by Czech turntablist/soundscape duo, Birds Build Nests Underground, to be joint-released by their own Love Nest imprint. It is anticipated that the long overdue one-sided 7” and art print by Nick Mott will also finally be released soon, too.

Notes on the Subscription Series of 12”/MLP releases. (Please read carefully…)
As already indicated in the notes on the Glass Out 12”, a series of six 12”/MLP releases, commencing with this one, can now also be subscribed to. The entire series will include limited edition releases by Glass Out (featuring an exclusive vocal appearance by the late Jhonn Balance on one song), Robert Hampson/Main, Brian Conniffe, Human Greed and (to be confirmed) either Andrew Liles or Faust. Each will retail for around £10.00/£11.00 (excluding postage), but the entire series can be subscribed to for 57.00 GBP (EU)/75.00 GBP (ROW), including postage. A few additional items will also be given free to the subscribers/mail order customers only. Subscription orders and pre-orders for the Glass Out 12” are accepted now. Please visit the Releases section. By subscribing to the series you are actively helping Lumberton Trading Company not only continue to both release good and interesting music plus promote new artists but also survive in an increasingly difficult environment whereby the distribution of such music faces impossible odds. Direct support is very welcome.

LTCo, similar to other such labels, thrives on this noted direct support as much as the continued assistance of Cargo Records and a network of labels, mail order outlets and artists it can depend on for small trades or sales. It is not funded by any grant or suchlike and is ultimately the result of a lot of hard work and passion for the music and artists it supports. With your help it can continue to do so, and it is hoped that enough support will come in via the subscription series orders and pre-orders to see things running more smoothly.

Thank you.