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Nick Mott is a member of the once Leicester-based but now rather globally spread Volcano The Bear. Besides being a musician, however, he has also felt compelled to draw for as long as he can remember. These drawings then became increasingly bizarre over the years, as Nick yearned to depict things that you cannot readily see in 'reality' (as subjective as that may well be in itself) and equally reflected a personal interest in the worlds explored by Dadaism and Surrealism, although he enjoys and appreciates all manner of areas outside these as well. Ultimately, however, his art is driven by the very same impulse he has when it comes to playing music. He also feels that drawing is "intensely personal", even when working to a brief or a commission, and that he's better at it than as a musician. His artwork has already adorned the front covers of Volcano The Bear's 'The Idea of Wood', 'All the Paint I Can Breathe', 'Guess the Birds', 'The Inhazer Decline' and 'Yak Folks Y'are' albums, plus been included on the sleeves of numerous others. Additionally, Nick Mott designed the front cover to Songs Of Norway's 'Despite the Cloak' LP and a compilation CD release on Singing Knives Records. A graphic novel, 'Pookah', is also in progress, plus during 2007 he had other works commissioned by at least two magazines or newspapers.

He is always open to commissions, plus always has a number of drawings, paintings and collages available for sale. For LTCo, he is doing a signed A4 print that will accompany a one-sided 7" of a solo recording. It will be limited to 100 and should finally be available sometime during Spring 2008. A perfect way to watch the greenery come to life.

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