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Andrew Liles


This prolific Brighton-based artist has been known to decorate the mind's deepest recesses with his virtually psychedelic washes of electronic haze, tidal hum, flecks of surrealism, minimalistic piano works and a touch of humour which teeters close to the edge of being dangerous. Utilising a variety of outside elements, ranging from live instruments to children's voices and what sound like ancient, crackling 78s, Andrew Liles succeeds in creating a wonderful soundworld where, quite literally, anything can happen. Besides having an interesting number of releases behind him, which can all be viewed on his website, he is also known for his collaborative work (both old and pending) with artists as diverse as Darren Tate, Danielle Dax, David Tibet and Tony Wakeford. More recently, he joined Nurse With Wound for a few rare dates in the USA and is presently collaborating with Steve Stapleton on a NWW album which, apparently, draws from jazz-funk. He also appears on the live NWW album, 'Soundpooling', recorded in Vienna last year and recently released by Colin Potter's ICR imprint and has also recently been caught playing as part of Faust. The album we will be releasing on Lumberton Trading Company sometime during early 2008, 'Auto Manipulator', is a 15 track conceptual recording about an imaginary machine designed to feed all human sexual desire and wants, irrespective of boundaries. It was originally supposed to appear on Beta-Lactum Ring in 2005. Whilst this is presently being primed for production, please, meanwhile, keep dipping into his own website for updates on his many new releases (such as the Vortex Vault series), his activities with NWW, various interview links (including one conducted with Adverse Effect) and suchlike. A limited edition t-shirt and print also appeared on Fourth Dimension last year. Follow the Adverse Effect link here at the LTCo website, if interested, or send an enquiry to Andrew directly...

Andrew Liles Official Site